Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga

Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga„ADDICTIONS“ … & how I became Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga … 🙂

Years ago I have spent countless hours reading, talking and contemplating upon them. By today I have come to the conclusion that most people are addicted to something or someone, especially when life is not showing itself from the sunny side!

Do you think that is not true?
Does that sounds depressing to you?
Do you think that is complete nonsense, because you are not addicted to anything or anyone?

Well, you are the only one to know that! You are the only one to judge yourself!

Here in this story, I wanna share my personal story of how I became Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga!

Maybe you can relate 🙂
I do hope you enjoy the transformational story of mine 🙂

🎔 here we go 🎔


I believe that it is easy to live „addiction- free“, when we are on the sunny side of life.
But let me ask you: „What you do, when life is just not that great?
Can you just sit in the low moment and experience that negative emotion, or do you have to do something to numb that unpleasant feeling?“

Sitting with the emotions

I would say that most people have a hard time sitting in a „low moment“ and experience an unpleasant emotion consciously. So they look for things to do, as to „not feel“.

Some may just eat a bar of chocolate, or grab a beer, go shopping, have sex, do sports, get very involved with work and so on, as to „not feel“ the emotion.
Others may just call a friend and talk about whatever troubles them.

Personally, I believe that talking about whatever troubles us, is a quite healthy way of dealing with problems, if we do not do that everyday to our dear friends. At this point I just have to add a sentence, a friend just sent me: „The best thing about friendship is, when you have a bad day and you can call your friend and ruin his too.“… reading this just made me laugh …

So, as life passes, most people live quite well with their small addictions, as long as their problems disappear rather sooner than later.
But- what if the negative emotions and problems become bigger and bigger?
What do you do when you are so overwhelmed that you feel like you just cannot cope with your emotions anymore?

Why we become addicted

From my own experience I can say, that when we are so down that we cannot keep up anymore, the addictions to drugs, food, gambling, work, shopping, sport, sex just to name a few, come into play. People start getting addicted to something that numbs their feelings. Or they get addicted to receiving love, to a partner or approval by others, etc.!

My question to you

„What do you do, when you feel down? Do you just stay in the moment and feel?
Or have you found something or someone that keeps you cut off from your emotional world?“

As for me- I have a quite entertaining story about what I have been doing in „my low moments“ until the age of 31:

As a teenager I was bulimic. Whenever life was „too much“, I would starve, overeat and throw up to numb my feelings. At the same time I was addicted to falling in love. I hardly recall a time of „not being in love“. After doing therapy in a hospital at the age of 19, I stopped the vicious cycle of starving, over-eating and throwing up. What I anyway just could not stop, was to use food as a means to cope for my emotional ill-being at times. So whenever I felt very bad, I would eat sweets. In order to stay slim, I needed to engage in excessive sports. Hence, I substituted „just throwing up“ with excessive body-work. Up to 3 hours a day, would keep my emotions away- not the doctor really! 🙂

Changing from one addiction to another

Soon I found that „special someone“ in my life. Most of the time I felt like he loved me. Consequently, I did not need so much sweets anymore. But I became very fixed on my partner. Today I ask myself: „Did I really love him, or was it more that I needed him? How could I have possibly loved him, if I had not even loved myself?“
Whatever it was, fact is that I gave him the power over „my happiness“. As long as „we were good“ I was happy.

And then one beautiful day we broke up. I still had not learned to love myself. I still had not learned to find happiness within me.
Hence, I had to find another substitute for my „partner and sweets addiction“ as I call it.
I could not go back to „my bulimia“.

That’s when I realized more and more that sex really made me feel complete and happy. So I went through an extended period in life, when I saw everything in terms of sexuality.

How I finally became Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga

Deep down inside I just knew that something was just not right in my life. I felt that I needed a change.
That’s when Kundalini Yoga (KY) came into my life.
That’s when I „upgrade“ to my „ultimate addiction“-

🎔 KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION – the addiction I have been thriving on ever since! 🎔

What Kundalini Yoga taught me

Kundalini yoga and meditation have taught me, that my inner void, my inner unhappiness, only I myself could fill. Life’s problems have not disappeared since I have started practicing KY. I just have changed my way of perceiving life’s problems. When I feel down, I practice even more yoga and meditation. I do not have to escape from my emotions through starvation, food, sport or sex anymore. Today I can experience the emotion with the help of KY, and grow as a person with each problem that I pass through.

Trying KY was a turning point in my life. It appeared like a miracle, and it has saved me:
I became Addiction-FREE with Kundalini Yoga!
I have learned to love myself, and I deeply believe that love is the answer towards healing whatever dis-ease in this world!

Yogi Bhajan

Yoga Bhajan said:“ I do not believe in miracles, I rely on them!“

So start now to bring miracles into your life!
Leave your addictions to substances, people or habits that do not serve you any more behind you, and find the love within you! 🙂

🎔 GIVE KUNDALINI YOGA A TRY & feel for yourself, if it can be a part of YOUR PERSONAL HEALING STORY! 🎔