My Journey to Happiness

BEING HAPPY“ is a beautiful state of being, isnt´t it ?! 🙂

Many people´s lives are filled with a QUEST FOR HAPPINESS! Some of us search consciously- others unconsciously.

So, I have a question for you: „What is it that gives you REAL HAPPINESS?

There are many kinds of people on this planet. Hence there are as many methods to find happiness in life. By no means can anyone ever tell you which one is the right one for you! You can only find it yourself!

For many the search for happiness might start in the „outside world“. Some may even find it there. In my own experience that kind of happiness does not last too long though. „If he/she is nice to me, then I will be happy! If I get that job, then I will be happy! If I can afford that car, holiday, house, et cetera- then I will be happy!“ One wish is granted, and soon another one will arise. Then I need a new person/object that gives me that good feeling again. We all tend to fall into that pattern again and again. Surely it is great when he/she treats us nicely, or if we get that job, the car, the holiday, the house we have been dreaming of. The problem is, when our happiness is solely dependant upon those wishes being granted!

In my previous unconscious quest for happiness the state of my well- being often dependant upon other people, since material things have never given me that much pleasure. While searching for happiness, I lived abroad for 4 1/2 years hoping to find that lasting happiness among the people of a foreign country. However, I realized in 2003, while living in Mexico that my method had failed. As I became conscious of my state of unhappiness and my dependence upon others to contribute to my happiness, I found yoga.

It made me feel good and relaxed from the very first class I did. That is when I started attending classes about once a week in order to feel good and relaxed. I realized that I was getting closer to finding the kind of happiness I have been searching for all my life! 🙂

my journey to happiness


Kundalini Yoga

Years later, while on holiday in Cape Town, I tried a Kundalini Yoga(KY) class. That was a life changing event for me. Kundalini Yoga combines movement, breathing, chanting, mudras, mantras and sound vibration to energize the body and calm the mind. It releases tension and stress in the body and strengthens the immune- system. KY will also improve your fitness- level and make you smile! 🙂

I knew since the very first class, that KY was „my yoga!“ It just made me so happy from deep down inside. As soon as I returned back home to Vienna from that holiday I got books and DVD´s to learn as much as I could about Kundalini Yoga. I started to develop a deep passion for it.

Ever since it has repeatedly giving me a feeling of happiness and peace from deep down inside. Over and over it has put a smile on my face, even after a rough day.

How Kundalini Yoga changed my life

It has changed my life. It has made me realize that I am responsible for my own happiness. Rather than giving others the power over my emotional state of well- being, by practicing KY, I have taken control over my life.

Like everyone else, I have my „ups and downs“ in life, but Kundalini- Yoga helps me to handle those „highs and lows“ on a more conscious level! In low moments it gives me strength to keep up, I do not have to feel sorry for myself for having a bad moment. I know that the low moment will pass, and that the sun will shine again!

The high moments I feel even more intensely! I am more aware of the great moment, appreciate it more, and receive more great moments in return :)…I am deeply thankful and the universe rewards me with more great moments for which to be thankful for…! 🙂

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in India

In 2009 I attendet my first Kundalini- Yoga teacher in India, many more training followed over the years to come. Kundalini- Yoga has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Hence I wanted to learn to share this art of regaining inner peace and happiness with other people!

Kundalini Yoga helps you to accept life as it is in the moment, and gives you the courage you need to make the changes you want in YOUR LIFE!