✨ DO I WANT TO & CAN I “be a mother”? ✨

This question has been on my mind from time to time throughout adulthood: Do I want to be pregnant (at 40 plus)?

The answer was usually: “No – I don’t want to lose my FREEDOM!”

In 2010, I was drawn to the Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in New York at the end of my long journey through the USA & India. Of the many trainings I did in the field of “Yoga & Energetics” during this period, it was by far the most challenging training for me. Again and again I was asking myself:

✨ “Why do people want to be a mother/a father?” ✨

I finished the pregnancy yoga training with a lot of inner resistance & shortly afterwards, without wanting to, I started teaching pregnancy yoga.

A lot of good came out of it! 🥰

Over the course of the years, the question has been on my mind more or less:

✨ DO I WANT TO & CAN I “be a mother”? ✨

… over the years I was pregnant 3 times …

but it wasn’t meant to be … it was never the right time and partner …

( looking back – I was relieved each time when I was no longer pregnant …)

At 44, I wrote in my diary: “If it is in my soul’s plan to “be a mother”, then please let it be this year!”

At the end of 2023, the subject of pregnancy seemed to have been ticked off for me.

On January 8th, 2024, a friend showed me a  slipstone in the forest. It is said, that if you slip through this hatching stone, you will get pregnant!

I meditated by this slipstone & immediately felt connected to Mother Earth & Father Sky.

I saw myself crawling “head first” through this slipstone.

My ego didn’t want to crawl through – but my soul’s voice was stronger.

& so I did what my soul wanted me to do …

Jelka - Yoga the world - pregnant with 40

I meditated again after I had crawled through & let go completely …

I let go so much that I didn’t tell anyone about it …

& on the new moon on April, 8th 2024 the gynecologist told me:

“You’re 8 weeks pregnant!”