6. Chakra – Ajna

The 6th chakra is located between the eyebrows and the root of the nose. It is also called the 3rd eye and is the carrier of the 6th sense. It intensifies the perception of the 5 senses ( smelling- tasting- seeingtouching- hearing). Its themes are intuition: seeing and feeling beyond the material surface, as well as mediating between the polarities of mind and intuition to higher knowledge. It heals conflicts between thinking and feeling.

Intuitive thinking belongs to the right hemisphere of the brain, which regulates emotional and creative intelligence. The left hemisphere of the brain represents rational mind and analytical and logical abilities. Intuition and reason should complement each other, be in balance. Only together they grasp the holistic comprehension of reality. In the 6th chakra the overcoming of this polarity between intuition and mind becomes possible. The 3rd eye has great influence on the ability to anticipate future developments and to develop visions, it can also remember the past.

On a physical level, the 6th chakra regulates the chemical processes in the brain. It is closely connected to the pituitary gland. This very strongly influences the glandular system and has a great impact on mental well-being and our mood.

If the energy in the 6th chakra is unbalanced, your thoughts rule you, you cannot stop them, or you “over-intellectualize” everything and deny the spiritual aspect within you.

On a physical level, the imbalance manifests itself in: Visual disturbances, confusion, dizziness, nightmares, migraines and headaches.

A balanced 6th chakra manifests in: inner clarity, mental freedom, sense of deep truth even if it cannot be immediately put into thoughts or words. We can read between the lines, are connected to our intuition, are clairvoyant, have a good concentration and strong projection.


Activation and Harmonization of the Third Eye Chakra

  • The color indigo or light purple
  • Stone: amethyst
  • Trust in your own intuition
  • Gyan Mudra, meditation on the 3rd eyeYoga: baby position (the head bows to the heart), archer, forehead on the ground, yoga mudra, kirtan kriya
  • Affirmations for the 6th chakra:
    💜 I see! I am being seen!
    💜 I allow myself to see! I allow myself to be seen!
    💜 I have the right to see! I have the right to be seen!