3. Chakra – Manipura

Your 3rd chakra, also called MANIPURA CHAKRA, NAVEL CHAKRA or SOLAR PLEXUS. It is located at the level of the navel.

The element fire and the celestial body sun are assigned to the 3rd chakra. Its associated color is yellow. Your Manipura stands for FULFILLMENT and POWER. It is the center of our PERSONALITY, INDIVIDUALITY and healthy SELF-SECURITY.

A balanced 3rd Chakra

A balanced navel chakra gives you the strength to carry your soul’s needs into the world. As a yang chakra, it enables self-assertion, drive and risk-taking. When the energy flows in your navel chakra, you have the courage necessary to make changes in your life. It strengthens your perseverance and patience to carry your dreams into the world.

The root chakra gives the drive to start things. The navel chakra allows you to implement them and persevere until you reach your goal. A strong 3rd chakra gives you power and organization.

A balanced solar plexus shows itself in spontaneity, joy of life and inner happiness.

Themes of the Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is the seat of deep emotional energies. In an unbalanced state, repressed passion and aggression are concentrated there. Burdensome feelings, painful memories and emotional confusion are worked through the navel chakra. It becomes clear that emotions always have to do with the self and that external events are only the trigger. This allows the deeper causes to be recognized.

The navel chakra forces to deal with the issues of power, arbitrariness and ambition. When the navel chakra is in balance, one stays with oneself in conflict situations, not seeking the fight, but not avoiding it either, should it be necessary. Fear, anger or emotionality do not make you blind, but you “look the truth in the eye” and take responsibility for yourself!

A loss of energy in the 3rd chakra affects the core of one’s attitude towards life. It can express itself for example in a lack of self-confidence, inferiority complexes, shyness, mistrust and fears on the one side, as well as arbitrariness and ruthlessness in asserting one’s own interests. One seeks recognition on the outside instead of looking for it on the inside, wants to control all situations, is incapable of criticism and conflict. Every action is seen
through the lens of personal advantage and enrichment. A person whose solarplexus is not in balance is often distrustful and unable to ask for help. He/she might have issues to accept assistance from others.

A strong 3rd Chakra – Manipura

A strong 3rd chakra enables one to believe in one’s own abilities, to take responsibility for one’s own destiny, and to let go of the role of passive victim. Fear of one’s own power and passive aggression often express themselves in self-destructive tendencies on a physical level (e.g. bulimia).

The navel chakra regulates digestion and thus the processing of food. Problems with digestion, eating disorders, stomach ulcers are related to an imbalance in the 3rd chakra. Psychologically, digestion means the ability to process positive and negative experiences, and to learn from experiences. If this is not successful, stress and nervousness are the result, which then “hits the stomach”. Bile and liver have to do with bitterness, inner dissatisfaction and anger processing. The liver is the largest detoxification station of the body, if it is impaired, this leads to fatigue and feelings of weakness. The 3rd chakra quickly becomes unbalanced by too much meat and sugar or drug use.

An unbalanced 3rd Chakra

If the energy in the 3rd chakra (Manipura) is unbalanced, we tend to be dogmatic and stingy on an emotional level, always looking for confirmation in the outside and are egoistic. On the physical level, a disbalance in the 3rd chakra manifests itself in diabetes, digestive problems, eating disorders, stomach problems and kidney problems.

If the energy in the 3rd chakra is balanced, on an emotional level we typically are “we-oriented”, pragmatic, full of stamina and willpower and healthy self-confidence.

Activation and Harmonization of the Navel Chakra

  • The color yellow: yellow clothes and food
  • Aromatherapy: lemon
  •  Light, warmth, fire
  • Stones: citrine, tiger’s eye
  • Centered physical activities
  • Abdominal breathing and fire breathing, laughing from the depth of the abdomen
  • Positive reinforcement of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Communication with the soul of a person you are angry with
  • Yoga exercises for the navel, Sat Kriya, frogs
  • Affirmations for the navel chakra:

    💛 I do! I give myself permission to make! I have the right to make!
    💛 I do! I allow myself to do! I have the right to do!
    💛 I am active! I allow myself to be active! I have the right to be active!
    💛 I am receiving! I allow myself to receive! I have the right to receive!