Yoga & Chakras

Yoga means UNION: union of body, mind and soul, union between you and the universe! When body, mind and soul are in harmony, you feel a deep inner happiness, a deep inner peace! Learn how to bring yourself and your Chakras in balance and union with my Yoga & Chakra Workshop!

Through the regular practice of yoga and meditation, you restore the unity between body, mind and soul. You get to know yourself and your infinite potential more and more. It enables your mind to gain deeper insights and increases your awareness of your own life connections. Furthermore, you will find your individual path to more health, balance and self-development. You find the courage to live your dreams. You grow beyond your self-imposed limits and realize that you can do much more than you thought you could. Yoga and meditation support you in mastering your everyday life with serenity and flexibility. You accept what is now, but still continue to work steadily towards the fulfillment of your dreams!


Humans are not only made of flesh and blood, but we are above all energetic beings, with chakras, which are energy centers inside and outside the body. These are connected along the spine via the energy channels. Each chakra supplies energy to a specific area of the body. The more energy that flows into us, the fresher and more alive we feel. However, this energy flow can be blocked by traumatic events or
other situations. As a result, certain areas of our energetic system suffer from an undersupply. Consequently, diseases or dysfunctions of internal organs also occur.

The chakras do not exist organically, just like the soul, but have nevertheless had their place in various spiritual areas, such as yoga, meditation, tantra, reiki and in healing systems such as TCM, Ayurveda, etc. for thousands of years.

The knowledge of the chakras, like all other basic energetic concepts, has its origin in the scriptures of the “Golden Age”, the Vedic scriptures and the Upanishads (Vedic is an Indo-European language and a predecessor of Sanskrit; the Upanishads are a collection of philosophical writings).

Since the chakras are not visible to the physical eyes, recognition of their importance has taken a while for us in the West. Now, however, they have a permanent place in many systems, especially if they are of Eastern origin.

There are many chakras in and outside the human body. In my yoga and meditation classes, I work with the 7 main chakras inside the body, as well as the earth star and soul star chakras outside the physical body. When the energy is flowing in your chakras, your body, mind and spirit are healthy.

Support the Energy Flow in your Chakras

There are different methods to support the energy flow in your chakras, there are different methods to get to know yourself better: Yoga and Meditation is one of the many!

Do you want to learn more?

Yoga & Chakra Workshop

In my Chakra Day Workshop (8 hours), or in the eight-part Chakra Yoga and Meditation Series (8 yoga and meditation sessions of 90 mins each) you will practically learn a lot of new things about yourself and your chakras. The day workshop as well as the eight-part Chakra Yoga and Meditation series are suitable for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.