5. Chakra – Vishuddha

The 5th chakra – throat chakra – represents the power and courage to speak one’s truth, regardless of the opinion of others. Its element is ether. Its color is blue. The element of the throat chakra is ether. In the understanding of yoga, ether, Akasha, is the space in which everything manifests and connects. It represents purity, expansion and vastness and permeates everything. It merges the elements of the lower chakras – earth, water, fire, air.

The theme of the throat chakra is personal expression and communication of one’s thoughts and feelings. When we speak from the heart, we reach our counterpart in the heart. You show yourself authentically as you are.

On a walk through New York in 2010 I saw two posters. One said, “Listening is an act of love!” on the other it said “Tell your story, pass it on!” A perfect example of a balanced 5th chakra: It can actively listen and speak its truth from the heart.

If the energy in the throat chakra is unbalanced, we either do not communicate at all, or are too talkative, gets lost in gossip and are deceitful.

On a physical level, an unbalanced throat chakra manifests itself in problems with the thyroid gland, tension in the neck area, problems with hearing, the ears, the jaw, the oral cavity and the throat. In the throat and cervical spine, everything that is unspoken accumulates in the form of blocked energy. This can lead to speech disorders, to a lump in the throat, to stuttering, but also to excessive talkativeness.
Tension in the jaw area manifests itself for example in teeth grinding during sleep. New civilization diseases such as ringing in the ears and tinnitus are due to the constant noise and noise pollution of Western culture.

If the energy in the 5th chakra is balanced we speak our truth and have a conscious, honest, inspiring communication: Fellow human beings like to listen to our talk.

Activation and Harmonization of the Throat Chakra

  • The color blue: blue clothes, especially as a scarf around the neck
  • Stones: turquoise, moonstone
  • Expression of one’s creativity
  • Honest communication, setting boundaries, formulating and expressing one’s own wishes and needs
  • Uplifting, positive Music
  • Sound meditation, mantras
  • Yoga: shoulder exercises, head circles, shoulder stand, cobra, camel, nose to knees
  • Affirmations for the throat chakra:
    💙 I speak my truth! I am being heard!
    💙 I allow myself to speak my truth! I allow myself to be heard!
    💙 I have the right to speak my truth! I have the right to be heard!
    💙 I have an open ear for my fellow human beings!