4. Chakra – Anahata

The right and task of the 4th chakra, also called ANAHATA CHAKRA or HEART CHAKRA are: To give love and to receive love.

Its descriptive verb is: I love – I am loved!

This Chakras’ assigned element is the air and its associated color is green.

An open heart can give and receive love without conditions. A balanced heart chakra allows love and devotion without losing oneself.

The themes of the Heart Chakra

One of the learning tasks of the heart chakra is to accept and love oneself with one’s own weaknesses and faults. Those who suppress and do not accept their own shadow sides cannot accept them in others neither. You have to know who you are in order to be able to love!

The heart chakra is the bridge of the 3 lower chakras, which regulate the instincts, with the higher energies of the spirit and human consciousness, the upper 3 chakras. It is the center of emotional awareness. When the energies in the lower triangle are balanced, you are not ruled by your passions, and find an honest relationship with your own feelings and needs. Feelings and instincts can be acted out without losing control of them.

The Kalpatarn

Between the navel chakra and the heart chakra is the KALPATARN, the tree of desires. In yoga, it is believed that it fulfills the desire of the one who approaches it in innocence and humility. Miracles become possible when we live from the heart. The prerequisite for this is to open one’s heart, formulate desires, give them to the universe and trust in their realization. This includes the ability to feel and express gratitude.

A central aspect of the heart chakra is to develop compassion for oneself and to heal the wounds and scars of the past.

The heart chakra concentrates the self-healing powers on a physical and psychological level. It represents the healing power of the heart for oneself and others. You can mother yourself and heal the hurts of your inner child!

An unbalanced Anahata Chakra

People with an unbalanced 4th chakra often feel lonely, sad, have either an attached or very distant personality. Many also tend to be passive aggressive or even have the helper syndrome. On a physical level, the imbalance manifests itself in asthma or cardiovascular problems for example. Heart, lungs and the respiratory system are closely related to the heart chakra. A balanced 4th chakra activates the thymus gland and plays an important role in the defense against diseases. Immune diseases, allergies, cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disorders and the like are related to dysfunctions of the heart chakra.Lung diseases have to do with grief and fear of change, spinal problems in the chest area with wanting to hide and armor oneself.

The heart chakra is the center of spiritual devotion, humility and selflessness, which are rather foreign to modern society. Western culture usually associates them negatively with self-sacrifice, letting oneself be taken advantage of or the helper syndrome, while assertiveness, action orientation and elbow tactics are interpreted positively. However, the heart qualities such as openness and receptivity are important prerequisites for recognizing the deep needs of the soul and realizing them in life.

If the energy is stuck in the navel chakra, one’s actions are egoistic. One remains entangled in unprocessed feelings and fears, burdening current emotional situations with pain from the past. An unbalanced heart chakra manifests in a craving for criticism and an inability to accept oneself and others as they are.

The heart chakra regulates the sense of touch. The arms and hands as the most important organs of touch and the skin as the most important organ of touch are especially important for the energetic balance of the heart chakra. Exercises that work with the arms, hands and fingers are especially effective in harmonizing it, as is massage.

A balanced Heart Chakra

People with a balanced 4th chakra have a deep trust that “all is well as it is,” have harmonious relationships, maintain a harmonious relationship with nature, live in unconditional love and give from the heart. An open heart can give and receive love without conditions. A balanced 4th chakra enables love and devotion without losing oneself.

Activation and Harmonization of the Heart Chakra

  • The color green: green clothes, contact with nature, green foods
  • Stone: rose quartz
  • Doing something good for oneself, doing something for others, giving comfort, active forgiveness, babysitting and playing games
  • Positive projections, letting go of negative projections
  • Massage, touch
  • Yoga: baby pose, side twists, ego eradicator, berry hold
  • Affirmations for the heart chakra:
    💚 I love! I give myself permission to love! I have the right to love!
    💚 I am loved! I allow myself to be loved! I have the right to be loved!