2. Chakra – Svadhisthana

Your 2nd chakra is also called SACRAL CHAKRA, SEXUAL CHAKRA or SVADISTHANA CHAKRA. It is located in the area of the lower spine and the sexual organs. The water is its element. The moon is its associated celestial body. Its color is orange. The themes of the 2nd chakra on the emotional and energetic level are: Creativity, sexuality, joy of life, lust, optimism, shame and sadness.

Overemphasis on pleasure gratification, compulsive sexuality or sexual manias are one side of an unbalanced 2nd chakra. Frigidity, bladder infections, potency problems or orgasm difficulties are the other. Menstrual cramps, and for women the problem of accepting their own femininity in a masculine world, can have their energetic origin in the unbalanced sacral chakra.

In the philosophy of yoga, the sexual encounter is a communication between the 14 chakras of both partners- they all have to be open to experience a loving and universal encounter with each other beyond the sexual, physical pleasure!

Themes of the Sacral Chakra

The challenge of the 2nd chakra is the opening for a conscious interaction with other people, for friendships, social relationships and  partnerships. It stands for polarity and conflict and at the same time for the longing to overcome the dualism of masculinity and femininity, of Yin and Yang in the fusion on a higher level. The other is your mirror, opens the door to a part of one’s own self, which one does not want to admit and tries to suppress. Relationships are not accidental, they are the confrontation with your own strengths and weaknesses and challenge to awareness and inner growth.

If the energy in the sacral chakra is unbalanced, on the emotional level a we tend to exhibitionism, relationships without depth, frigidity, possessiveness, and on the physical level impotence, bladder-prostate problems, lower back pain can arise.

If the energy in the sacral chakra is balanced, we tend to have an open personality, like to share, are passionate and “we-oriented”. Furthermore, we maintain a conscious approach to our sexual energy and our creative energy flows.

Activation and Harmonization of the Sacral Chakra

  • The color orange: orange clothes, orange food
  • Contact with the element of water: bathing, swimming, walks by the water body
  • Walks, meditations in the moonlight
  • Stones: carnelian, orange calcite
  • Interpersonal contact
  • Partner dances
  • Yoga: Sat Kriya, frogs, cobra, butterfly, cat-cow, pelvic floor lifting
  • Affirmations for the sacral chakra:
    I feel! I give myself permission to feel! I have the right to feel!
    🧡 My sexual and creative energy is in the flow!