Yoga & Meditation Retreats


In September 2021, I led a yoga vacation for the on the beautiful island of Corsica!

2 daily yoga and meditation sessions on the beach of Calvi, or in the vacation village La Mora, as well as a diverse range of hikes and bike tours -it was an unforgettable time!

In spring 2022, I led an extended yoga week for Indigo Reisen in Austria, in the so called “Waldviertler Hügelland”.

For 2023 I am planning a yoga trip to Croatia.

Do you also want to treat your body, mind, soul and heart with a Yoga and Mediation Retreat?

Then feel free to contact me for more info!

Yoga and-Meditation Korsika

Feedback from Yogis & Yoginis

H: The week in Corsica was wonderful, wonderful for me! The yoga program did me a lot of good. The La More Holiday Village of the Friends of Nature can be highly recommended.

P: My yoga week in the fall of Corsica was wonderful! I was especially impressed by the new beneficial experience of getting to know Kundalini yoga on the beach of Calvi at sunrise, for that I am very grateful. This was exactly what I wanted, and my expectations were even exceeded: to enjoy the sea, the movement in a friendly group and under particularly attentive guidance on an almost deserted beach in the morning was for me the very best recreational value! So I will recommend Corsica, the accommodation and yoga especially and with great pleasure.

G: I felt very comfortable in Corsica, as well as in the yoga group, and was also very satisfied with our trainer Jelka.