Yoga for Children & Teenagers

Kundalini yoga in Lavender Hill - teaching Yoga for Children & Teenagers

Teaching Yoga for Children & Teenagers came unexpectedly to me. I heard about a children holiday event in Lavender Hill, Cape Town (when I was in South Africa) and felt that I should get involved. I have had lots of experience in teaching yoga to diverse groups of adults, but never before have I done Yoga with a big group of children between 6 and 14. I threw myself into the cold water and WE LOVED IT!

It was an amazing experience and I decided to ‘dive deeper’ into Yoga for Children & Teenagers. Hence I became a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher for children in summer 2019.

Since then, I have been doing yoga on and off with larger groups of kids and teens. My feeling is that ten to fifteen participants is an ideal number. Of course, a children’s yoga session can also be designed with fewer, or more, small and large yogis.

Why children & teenagers also need yoga

Not only do we adults live in a stress-filled world, but so do our younger peers!

Yoga & meditation are ideal tools for dealing with challenging emotions. Learned early, they serve us for our entire lives.

Yoga improves emotion regulation in children. Personally, I was a very angry child, and would have certainly appreciated someone showing me what to do with “my anger.” 🙂

Yoga for kids can do wonders to their self-esteem. Perfecting a pose, or improving balance and flexibility, can give kids a sense of personal strength. Thus, it promotes body awareness and mindfulness.

Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory. One of the greatest benefits of children’s yoga is that the various movements require children to concentrate and improve their memory skills, both of which can have a positive impact on their academic performance.

Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility.

Yoga teaches discipline and reduces impulsivity. It can reduce difficult behaviors in the classroom by giving children a physical outlet to express themselves. It also teaches children discipline as they work to clear their minds and perfect their poses.

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